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The Kanga & Kanga Kabisa

There is an old Swahili song which goes: Mimi kama khanga; nafa na uzuri wangu (I am like a Guinea Fowl (khanga-cloth); I die in all my beauty).

Our products are made from local fabrics called kanga and kitenge. The kanga is a printed piece of cotton cloth that is worn by african coastal women. The word Kanga stems from the Swahili word for Guinea Fowl because the pattern resembled of the dotted bird. Kabisa is simply completely in Swahili; so Kanga Kabisa means Completely Kanga.

Kitenge fabric is a colorful patterned wax print in a heavier material than the Kanga.

The Kanga embodies art, beauty and culture. It is used at any occasion and follows people through life.

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